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Elyssa & Patrick will be married in a small ceremony Friday November 18th, 2022 in the Taylor family chapel. We look forward to celebrating our union at our reception the following evening.

Ceremony 5:30PM
Special invitation.



We can't wait to celebrate our marriage with our friends & family, on Saturday November 19th, 2022 at 6pm.


Soon after starting to date in January of 2020, we realized our parents lived less than a mile from each other in Mason, TN. Since then, we have spent some of our favorite days together in Mason with family, friends and of course our dogs Cash & Chance!


In December of 21' Patrick convinced Elyssa there was a "family dinner" at his parents house, but to her surprise he instead drove over to the dock and proposed! 

Staying true to our roots, we can’t wait to celebrate our marriage on the Taylor family farm this November in Mason, TN.


-The future DiMento's

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